The Life We Lead series is an epic tale that has been a work-in-progress for over 23 years at this point. The story is currently thought to be completed as a 3-book series. The ending is already written and it is outstanding!

It is truly a single story following the life of James just as he is graduating from college. He is part of a spy organization called "the group" that is made up of volunteers that are under the age of 25.  Each of the members is exceptionally talented and can do more than most people twice their age. Each of the subtitles of the series lends a clue to how James's life is going.

The premise of the story is to be based in reality, unlike say the James Bond series, though those are fantastic! Despite the fact that this story is a work of fiction, sections have been inspired by real life events to help ensure that it remains grounded.

James, like each of the members of the group, has to balance his life as a spy against, having a 'normal' life.  School, work, family, friends, and relationships all have to be juggled while keeping the spy work secret. James has mastered this balance until he meets Carissa, who changes his life.

George is the third of six children and grew up in western Pennsylvania. He earned his BS in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh, his MSc in Biology and his MBA in Marketing and Management from Duquesne University. He is also a Master 5th degree black belt in the art of Taekwondo with Young Brothers in Pittsburgh. He currently works as a global marketing and strategy professional in science industries. He also has one son, Matthew.
"What do we have an endless supply of, but can never get back?
- Time, so use it wisely."